And the winner is...

October 30, 2018


Georges, 10 y.o.


My Halloween story


It was Thursday morning, the 31st of October. 

I was at the market together with my mom and my two sisters. 

I was looking for a Halloween costume.

So far I could not find the one I wanted. 

But a few minutes later I saw one and my mother bought it for me.


We arrived home and I tried it on. Time was flying by.

In a few hours I should meet my friends and go for Trick Or Treat.

I was happy because the costume looked nice on me.

At that moment my mom called me for dinner.

While we were eating, something strange happened: the lamp fell down on the table.


All of a sudden, I heard a weird voice from the TV.

‘Hurry now, go help your friend Tom: He will soon have an accident.’

I looked at my mom but she did not seem to see anything.


I ran to Tom’s house, he was ready to cross the street.

I looked further and I saw a car coming really fast.

I yelled: ’Tom! Stop!!!!!!’


I think that my Halloween costume was a special one. 

Nevertheless it saved my best friend’s life.


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